Our Story

When we got our pup at 8 weeks old, we realized that we'd be doing a LOT of bathing. Dirt, accidents, shedding and messes are just a reality of pet ownership.

But grooming is expensive, and big box store shampoo's just didn't meet our quality standards. How could we be sure we were getting the best possible product without breaking the bank for a weekly bath?

We finally asked ourselves, "where does our Vet get their shampoo?" Realizing that we'd have to go straight to the source, we partnered with one of the leading US based manufacturers to create a Veterinary grade formula, at the very same standard that gets used inside Vet's offices and groomers.

Rest easy knowing that you're getting professional grade products sent straight to your door. 

Our products are 100% cruelty free, USA made, and Vet approved. Tough on dirt while being gentle enough for every day use.